Whine and Roses is the second part of the 23rd episode of Blazing Dragons. It was preceded by Griddle's Sleepless Knights and followed by The Reign in Spain.


Queen Griddle hates the boring part of February, so Sir Loungelot suggests a day in which they honor whoever lavishes Griddle with the most love, and Griddle decides to make it a contest, in which the winner will receive whatever their heart desires. However, the only contestant is Count Geoffrey, who wants Camelhot as his prize.

Princess Flame is sure that Geoffrey can't win Griddle's affection, and therefore can't win the contest. However, Geoffrey has hired Cupid, whose arrows can make anyone fall in love with the first thing they see. He demonstrates on Evil Knight 3, who falls in love with a rat. Geoffrey wants Cupid to make Griddle fall in love with him.

Standing on a tree branch while Geoffrey and Griddle are having dinner, Cupid aims an arrow at Griddle, but misses when the branch he is standing on breaks. His arrow hits Sir Burnevere instead, and he falls in love with Cinder and Clinker.

While Loungelot is relaxing at a spa, Cupid sets up a giant crossbow and tries to shoot Griddle with an arrow while she is on the swing, but when she gets enraged by Geoffrey saying her hair is dyed, she flies in the air for a few moments to kick Geoffrey, causing the arrow to miss her and hit Blaze instead, and he falls in love with a dragon statue. Cupid accidentally trips over the string of the crossbow's lever, causing another arrow to hit Allfire, who falls in love with a moose head.

Geoffrey threatens to fire Cupid if he misses one more time, so Cupid sets up a heat-seeking arrow, telling Geoffrey to plant a chili pepper on Griddle. As Geoffrey and Cupid attempt to carry out this plan on a boat at the Tunnel of Love, Flicker realizes Geoffrey's plan and knocks Cupid down, but not before he fires the arrow. When Geoffrey tries to plant the chili pepper on Griddle, she bashes him on the head, and the arrow flies above them. The boat tips over, and the chili pepper goes flying over to Loungelot, whom Flame has summoned back from the spa. The arrow hits Loungelot, who falls in love with Geoffrey and chases him into the distance.