The Stone of Wisdom is the tenth episode of Blazing Dragons. It was preceded by Robbing Hoodlum and followed by Hermits and Heroes.


Sir Loungelot, Sir Galahot, Sir Hotbreath, and Sir Burnevere go on a "weekly quest" to the Mystic Misty Moors with Flicker, which turns out to be a gambling game of poker. An oracle tells them to seek the Stone of Knowledge.

Meanwhile, Count Geoffrey and Evil Knights 1, 2, and 3 have received parts to assemble a Doomsay Device from Merle the Wizard, however, due to the Evil Knights' incompetence, they get it wrong several times and have to start over from the beginning while King Allfire watches from the window.

Flicker and the knights find a temple, which is a shopping mall. While going through a rotating door, Galahot is trapped, and while trying to run up a down escalator, Hotbreath is unable to reach the top. After a "battle" with guards (who are really empty suits of armor), Flicker and Loungelot inadvertently fall into an elevator, riding it up without Burnevere.

Loungelot finds the Stone of Wisdom, a giant bowling ball, however, as he climbs up to get it, he causes the pole supporting it to collapse, and it crashes through the ground with Flicker and Loungelot into the room below, where Burnevere is. The stone rolls and chases after the three dragons, who are reunited with Hotbreath and Galahot as they run.

Just as Count Geoffrey finishes his Doomsday Device and is about to unleash it on Camelhot, Flicker and the dragon knights arrive being chased by the Stone of Wisdom, and dive into the moat to avoid it as the stone crashes into the Doomsday Device and destroys it.

Flicker tells Allfire that the Stone of Wisdom is named because it taught them the value of teamwork.