The Age of Retention is the second half of the 14th episode of Blazing Dragons. It was preceded by A Killer Makeover and followed by The Lost Ruby Hat of Omar the Ham.


King Allfire revises a labor union manifesto, and notices a castle in the distance that does not seem to be following the rules, so he goes over to it with Flicker, Sir Loungelot, Sir Burnevere, and Sir Blaze, Loungelot bringing Queen Griddle's fruitcakes with them as a housewarming gift. The castle is owned by a toymaker named Duke Rudolph, who gives the dragons a tour. Flicker notices a door that says "Absolutely no entry", and Rudolph says it's Barry's room.

Flicker soon becomes suspicious of Rudolph, who seems evil and is keeping Allfire and the knights busy. Princess Flame decides to investigate, and takes Flicker with her. They enter Barry's room, but Rudolph traps them in a cage and reveals his war machine, the Behemoth Artillery Reinforced Raiding Yeomen, or BARRY. When Allfire and his knights enter, Rudolph traps them inside BARRY and makes them use their fiery breath to heat up the boilers, threatening to kill Flame if they don't.

As Rudolph drives BARRY to Camelhot to destroy it, Flicker uses one of Griddle's fruitcakes to smash the lock on the cage he and Flame are imprisoned in, and together they set up conveyor belts and launch more fruitcakes at BARRY. The fruitcakes are so hard that they smash through BARRY, which falls into the moat. The cockpit explodes and sends Rudolph flying into the distance (is it unknown if he survived). Allfire and his knights survive, and Loungelot finally gets some "bickies".


  • This is the first time bickies are mentioned. Loungelot's favorite food are cookies or biscuits that he calls "bickies".
  • This is one of the last episodes in which Flame plays as big a role as Flicker, as her role diminishes in Season 2.