Sphinx Jinx is the second part of the 22nd episode of Blazing Dragons. It was preceded by Single Green Dragon and followed by Griddle's Sleepless Knights.


Flicker, Sir Loungelot, Sir Burnevere, and Sir Blaze are on a vacation in Egypt. Loungelot is interested in a falafel stand, and then they see a sphinx, which is said to have been on a rampage until it was stopped by Pharaoh Snifaru. Loungelot springs off the ropes onto the sphinx's head, and tells Flicker to take a picture, despite the sign saying "No Flash Photography". When Flicker takes the picture, the sphinx comes to life and goes on a rampage, destroying the falafel stand.

Burnevere suggests finding the crown of Snifaru and using it to harness the sun and turn the sphinx back to stone. As they travel to the tomb, they distract the sphinx with a ball of yarn. Flicker only has two tickets for the tomb of Snifaru, so Loungelot decides to stay behind and not do anything, giving the tickets to Blaze and Burnevere and telling them to enter the tomb and find the crown, while sending Flicker to find some falafels.

Loungelot falls through a wall and into a room where he enounters two mummies, and in another room is chased by a giant hedgehog, which runs him over and smashes through a wall. Blaze and Burnevere, meanwhile, find the crown, and so the four dragons go to the tanning temple of Ra. Ra says that, as a god, he is forbidden from interfering in the affairs of mortals, but gives them a sundial.

As it is almost sundown, the sun's ray reflects off the sundial, and off of the crown of Snifaru, and turns a cactus to stone. Realizing this is how they harness the sun, they find the sphinx, dress Loungelot as a mouse to distract it, and then Flicker harnesses the sun with the sundial and crown to turn the sphinx back to stone. Though immobile, it is still able to growl at the dragons, who run.