Robbing Hoodlum is the ninth episode of Blazing Dragons. It was preceded by Renaissance Dragon and followed by The Stone of Wisdom.


Flicker, Princess Flame, and Sir Loungelot are traveling through the forest with Cinder and Clinker, and a cart full of apples. Flame fears that the chicken, Robbing Hood, will try to rob them, but Flicker says that Robbing Hood is his hero and that he only steals from the rich to give to the poor. Robbing Hood and his Melancholy Men - Chicken Little John, Deep Fryer Tuck, and Chicken-a-la-Cain a-la-Dale - appear (though much fatter than they were in the pictures) and steal everything from them. Flicker can't believe his hero has turned hoodlum.

Count Geoffrey and his Evil Knights also become victims of Robbing Hood when he steals the money that they would usually tax from the serfs.

Both the dragon knights and Geoffrey's gang try to catch Robbing Hood separately, many times, but both fail miserably, the dragons falling into their own trap while Geoffrey and his Evil Knights end up being attacked by bears.

Eventually Flicker shows Robbing Hood fan mail he intended to send to him, but Robbing Hood clearly enjoys being a foul fowl, so Flicker suggests an archery contest, as a distraction to trap him (which Loungelot presents as his idea). Robbing Hood accepts and agrees to return everything he stole on the conditions that the dragons not try any tricks, and that if he wins, he also wins Flame's hand in marriage.

Loungelot competes against Robbing Hood in the archery contest. Flicker uses his new invention the bowcross (crossbow) to shoot the arrows for Loungelot, and both hit the center of the target each time. At half time, Robbing Hood and his Melancholy Men begin eating like pigs, and Flicker comes to a realization.

Flicker disappears for the next round, and Robbing Hood wins the archery contest. As he is about to marry Flame, Flicker appears with the real Robbing Hood - the one who has been stealing everything was a fake, all along. Robbing Hood reveals the impostors as Sheriff Nothing-but-a-ham and his pig brothers. Flicker knew they weren't chickens because they ate chicken sandwiches. King Allfire disqualifies them in accordance with Chivalry Code 444. Loungelot takes the credit.

The Sheriff and his brothers are tied up above a spit fire (although it's later revealed in Attila's Hot Buns that the Sheriff survives, but his pork rinds are eaten by Robbing Hood).