Renaissance Dragon is the eighth episode of Blazing Dragons. It was preceded by Merle's Mirror and followed by Robbing Hoodlum.


A flamboyant Italian inventor, Flamiano, arrives at Camelhot and introduces his new inventions, bringing the Renaissance to Camelhot. King Allfire isn't quite as impressed as most of the other dragons, Queen Griddle in particular. Flicker becomes Flamiano's assistant, but it is difficult for him to serve two masters at once, so he decides to quit being Sir Loungelot's squire (to which Loungelot says "You can't quit! You're fired!").

Flicker helps Flamiano invent gunpowder, but both he and Princess Flame begin to doubt Flamiano when Flicker sneezes and ignites some of the gunpowder. Flamiano intends to use the gunpowder for a rocket to launch Allfire to the moon. Flicker and Flame are not sure this is going to be safe and try to talk Allfire and Flamiano out of it, but Flamiano has inconveniently won Allfire over with this, and Flamiano fires Flicker.

Flickes brings the plans of the rocket to Count Geoffrey at Castle Threadbare in order to get him onto the rocket instead of Allfire, telling him that he wants to rob Allfire of his glory. To make sure Flicker is not trying to trick him, Geoffrey insists that he go with them.

Geoffrey, Flicker, and Evil Knights 1, 2, and 3 get into the rocket before Allfire can. Before it takes off, Flicker flies out the window, and the rocket does not reach the moon and crashes into Castle Threadbare. Seeing this, Allfire realizes Flicker was right. Loungelot takes the credit, claiming to have told Flicker to infiltrate Geoffrey's castle. Although Flicker is (for the only time in the series) angry that Loungelot took his credit (but doesn't say anything), this at least makes him Loungelot's squire again.

Flicker tells Flamiano that he tried to invent the rocket too quickly, and that "slow and steady wins the race." Flamiano leaves Camelhot, and takes his inventions to Castle Threadbare, where Geoffrey and his Evil Knights are badly beat up from the crash.