MacBreath is the first part of the 20th episode of Blazing Dragons. It was preceded by Infernal Flame and followed by Attila's Hot Buns.


Cinder and Clinker announce to King Allfire, Queen Griddle, Flicker, Princess Flame, Sir Burnevere, Sir Blaze, and Sir Loungelot that Sir William Furnace, the king of Scotland, is dead, and that the heir to the throne is none other than Sir Burnevere. The dragons all go to Scotland.

At a golf course in Scotland, a dragon named Duncan tells them about the Club and Stone of St. Andrew's, in which only one in the Furnace bloodline can pull out the club. Burnevere pulls it out and Duncan takes them to the castle, where a dragon named MacBreath would have become king if there was no one left in William's bloodline. MacBreath schemes to kill Burnevere so that he can be the king.

At dinner, MacBreath tries to poison Burnevere, but Burnevere gives the poisoned haggis to the dog, unaware that it is poisoned. MacBreath tries inflated bagpipes next, but Flicker, unaware of any ill intention, uncorks them, sending MacBreath flying into the air.

Burnevere hides in the library, as he does not want to be king. MacBreath takes him fishing at Loch Ness. Shortly after, William Furnace's ghost appears before Flicker and Flame and tells them that he was murdered by MacBreath with a mace, at Lake Loch Ness. Flicker goes to warn Burnevere while Flame goes to gather the knights.

Allfire, Griddle, Blaze, and Loungelot are golfing when Flame tells them that MacBreath is going to kill Burnevere. Loungelot keeps trying to hit his golf ball but misses, digging a hole in the process, which enrages Duncan. Duncan pulls the club out of the stone and chases Loungelot with it.

At Loch Ness, Flicker tries to warn Burnevere about MacBreath, who is about to kill him with his mace when Duncan arrives and throws his golf club at Loungelot. Loungelot avoids it and it hits MacBreath, knocking him out of the boat. Flicker tells Burnevere of MacBreath's true intentions, and since Duncan pulled the club from the stone, he is also in the Furnace bloodline, and so he becomes king.


  • Count Geoffrey and his Evil Knights do not appear in this episode.
  • This episode is a reference to the Shakespearean play, Macbeth. Set in Scotland, the protagonist, Macbeth, kills Duncan the king in order to take his place as king. The ghost of William Furnace could also be a reference to King Hamlet's ghost telling Hamlet that he was murdered, in the Shakespearean play Hamlet.