King Don
King Don is the king of Spain. He appeared in the episode The Reign in Spain.

King Don is the promoter and manager of Cowsius Clay, a cow who is undefeated in 800 boxing matches. Together they set up a real estate scam, luring people to a house on the beach while paying Cowsius's gang, the Mooers, to stand on the beach, and hosting fighting matches against Cowsius, in which he always bets on Cowsius but makes the other gamblers want to bet on his opponent.

The dragons of Camelhot nearly became a victim of this scam, in which Flicker fought Cowsius in a boxing match, but with a red cape given to him by Princess Flame, who discovered King Don's plan, Flicker defeated him.

King Don lost all his money on this fight, and the Mooers chased him away since he was unable to pay them.