Infernal Flame is the second part of the 19th episode of Blazing Dragons. It was preceded by Excalibroke and followed by MacBreath.


At winter, the dragons receive a telegram from Greece inviting them to play in the first annual Greek Games of Olympia. Evil Spy hears this and tells Count Geoffrey, who decides to compete in the games as well, and decides to win by using every dirty trick in the book.

Geoffrey switches the official transporation sign to point toward a cargo ship, the Oil of Ole, which is full of olive oil and doesn't steer well. King Allfire, Queen Griddle, Flicker, Princess Flame, Sir Loungelot, Sir Burnevere, Sir Blaze, and Cinder and Clinker ride this ship to Greece.

Zeus is hosting the games, and the judges are Poseidon, Atlas, and Hercules, while the announcer is Adonis. The three teams are dragons, centaurs, and Count Geoffrey. A centaur is disqualified from serf toss when he accidentally breaks a statue of Zeus. Burnevere scores a point for serf toss and although Evil Knight 2 fails miserably, Geoffrey bribes the judges to give him a point.

Though Loungelot falls down during the dance, he still receives a point. Geoffrey puts a crab down Evil Knight 3's pants to make him dance and earn another point.

The final round is the chariot race. The Evil Knights pull Geoffrey's chariot while Cinder and Clinker pull Flicker's chariot. Geoffrey digs a trap hole which Flicker falls into, but gets back into the race. In response to this, Flicker puts pots on the Evil Knights' heads, causing them to crash the chariot, which loses its wheels. Geoffrey puts pots on Evil Knight 2's head and feet and uses him as the chariot's wheels. Then he uses Evil Knight 2's helmet to unscrew Flicker's wheel. Then, Evil Knight 2's armor rusts and shatters, throwing Geoffrey out of the race. Flicker's armor doesn't rust because, ironically, the dragons arrived "well lubricated" from the olive oil on the Oil of Ole, and Flicker wins the race.

The dragons win a small ship full of gold, while Loungelot eats a spicy kebab that causes him to breathe fire and set Geoffrey's cape on fire.


  • In this episode Griddle demonstrates even greater physical strength than Flame when she holds up the ship full of gold with one hand. This also hints at super strength on Flicker's part since Griddle is grabbing onto his tail to pull her along the path.