Ice Try is the second part of the 21st episode of Blazing Dragons. It was preceded by The Isle of Dwight and followed by Single Green Dragon.


There is currently a heat wave in Camelhot. Queen Griddle wants a slushy, but due to the heat wave there is no more ice left in Camelhot, so she sends Sir Loungelot and Flicker to get some (Sir Blaze and Sir Burnevere are currently on another quest).

Flicker and Loungelot go to the Arctic, with Cinder and Clinker pulling their sled, where they meet Jack Frost, who asks them to pay a toll. Flicker, Cinder, and Clinker each give him a gold coin, but Loungelot gives him a wooden coin, which he doesn't discover until they are gone.

As Loungelot tries to collect some ice from an igloo, Jack reappears and demands that Loungelot pay him. The eskimos that live in the igloo arrive and chase after the dragons. They escape.

Jack confonts Loungelot again, but is again interrupted, this time by a polar bear, which nearly attacks Loungelot before an avanalche sweeps them away toward a building. Loungelot gets some snacks before Jack faces off against him in a standoff. As Loungelot walks toward Jack, he slips on a cookie and falls backward onto a boat, which falls off the rail and slides across the hill. Flicker, Cinder, and Clinker get onto the boat before it flies out of a tunnel in a mountain and smashes into the North Pole, destroying it.

The axis of the world is tilted, which threatens to blow up the earth. Flicker, Loungelot, and Jack reconstruct the North Pole out of a candy cane fence and set it back in place, saving the world. Loungelot finally pays Jack the money he owes him, but Jack says he owes him more for the money he lost at the tollbooth when he was chasing them.

Flicker returns to Camelhot with an ice dispenser, which creates a slushy for Griddle, while at the North Pole, Jack forces Loungelot to help him set up the Northern Lights show.