Ho Lee Pow
Ho-Lee-Pow is the son of the emperor of China. He only speaks Chinese, and is a great warrior.

As part of an exchange program, he traveled to Camelhot in You Dim Slum, You Lose Some, while Sir Loungelot and Flicker traveled to China.

Shortly after arrival, Ho-Lee-Pow singlehandedly defeated Evil Knights 1, 2, and 3 as they attempted to invade Camelhot with Count Geoffrey.

When he ruined the garden of Camelhot, Sir Blaze got angry, and when Ho-Lee-Pow insulted Blaze (with an unknown insult that Sir Burnevere would not translate), Blaze challenged him to a duel, in which if Blaze won, Ho-Lee-Pow would return to China, and if Ho-Lee-Pow won, Blaze would have to give him his kilt.

Blaze won the duel, and Ho-Lee-Pow took this well, as he was hoping to lose a battle so he could pursue his dream, which was a career in the theater.