Flamiano is a flamboyant Italian inventor. He only appeared in the episode Renaissance Dragon.

He came to Camelhot with his various inventions (such as the vacuum), introducing the Renaissance. Most of the dragons loved his inventions, with the exception of King Allfire. Flicker became Flamiano's assistant, to the point of quitting his job as Loungelot's squire.

Flamiano finally won Allfire over by making a rocket with gunpowder, intending to send him to the moon. Flicker and Princess Flame, on the other hand, did not think this would be safe (after witnessing some gunpowder explode), so they tried to stop him, but Flamiano fired Flicker. However, Flicker tricked Count Geoffrey and his Evil Knights into going aboard the rocket, which crashed into Castle Threadbare.

Flicker told Flamiano that he tried to invent the rocket too quickly, and that "Slow and steady wins the race". Flamiano left Camelhot with his inventions and decided to introduce them to Castle Threadbare next.