This article is about the sword. For the episode, see Excaliburn (episode).

Excaliburn is King Allfire's sword. It once belonged to the Lady of the Lake, and was placed in a stone from which only the king of Camelhot could remove it. Allfire was able to pull out Excaliburn, and became king. He pulls out Excaliburn every year to retain his right to rule, saying that if he can't pull Excaliburn from the stone, then Camelhot will fall into chaos and oblivion.

When Flicker was polishing Excaliburn in the episode Excaliburn, Sir Loungelot called him, inadvertently providing the opportunity for Count Geoffrey to steal Excaliburn. Fearing that he lost the sword, Flicker polished a rock into a fake sword and stone. Unfortunately, it was the time of year for Allfire to pull Excaliburn from the stone, and when he couldn't pull it (as the fake sword was attached to the stone), it was believed he had lost his right to rule.

However, when Flicker and Princess Flame realized that Geoffrey stole it, they infiltrated his castle to get it back. When Flame found Excaliburn, Geoffrey challenged her to a duel. Flame took Excaliburn and used it to fight Geoffrey, defeating him, and then Flicker returned it to the stone, from which Allfire pulled it out and became king again.

In Excalibroke, Loungelot broke Excaliburn while using it to cut one of Griddle's fruitcakes. It was repaired when the Lady of the Lake struck it with lightning.


  • Excaliburn is named after King Arthur's sword, Excalibur, with "burn" at the end to symbolize the dragons.