Chain Mail Letter is the first part of the 18th episode of Blazing Dragons. It was preceded by Erik the Well-Read and followed by You Dim Sum, You Lose Some.


Sir Loungelot receives a chain mail letter, which is said to carry a curse that if it is not copied many times and sent to other recipients, the recipient will meet a grisly end. Loungelot tells Flicker to send the chain mail letter, but he forgets about it, and rushes to Merle the Wizard's Cabin of Despair and Occult Museum for an antidote. Merle gives him a potion, and when Loungelot drinks it, it gives him hiccups.

When toad tea and marshmallow meltdown don't cure Loungelot's hiccups, Flicker goes back to Merle, who gives him a prescription: To see Count Geoffrey's pet, Beowolf . So Flicker, Loungelot, Sir Burnevere, and Sir Blaze try to infiltrate Geoffrey's castle.

They try to enter disguised as maids, but Geoffrey doesn't want all the filth of Castle Threadbare cleaned up. Applying for a job fails as well, but they finally enter disguised as artists. Giant inflatable balls and water bowls suggest Beowolf is a giant creature, and the skeleton of a carnivore suggests that he is ferocious, but what comes out of the gate is a harmless giant slug. However, this turns out to be Beowolf's lunch, and the real Beowolf (whose shadow is only seen) appears, and the dragons run off, running over Geoffrey in the process.

As it turns out, Beowolf scared the hiccups out of Loungelot, and Flicker says that chain mail letters are nonsense. Back at Castle Threadbare, Geoffrey picks up the chain mail letter, and throws it out the window, saying chain mail letters are a hoax. Seconds later, Castle Threadbare sinks into the moat.