Achy Breaky Mace is the second part of the 15th episode of Blazing Dragons. It was preceded by The Lost Ruby Hat of Omar the Ham and followed by Shamrocks & Shenanigans.


Queen Griddle looks through an old chest with Princess Flame and finds what she is looking for: A map that shows the location of an ancient mace. Griddle sends Sir Loungelot to get it.

Flicker and Loungelot travel across a lake full of crocodiles (which attack Loungelot) and over a mountain, but they end up at Camelhot. They find a cave, in which a knight, called the Paisley Knight, is guarding the entrance. Loungelot trips him, causing his axe to stick in a tree. Entering the cave, Flicker and Loungelot find the mace. Loungelot reads a note next to it, throws it to the ground (saying only "This is a magic mace"), and takes the mace, which hypnotizes him so that he is singing every line he says.

After their return to Camelhot, Loungelot runs over to rescue a damsel in distress, being attacked by Evil Knights 1, 2, and 3. Loungelot defeats Evil Knight 1 with the mace, and all three Evil Knights run off. Loungelot runs after them and beats them all up again, and they retreat to Castle Threadbare. Count Geoffrey tells them to steal the mace. The Evil Knights try to open the drawbridge, but Evil Knight 1 and 2's attempts result in the drawbridge falling on top of them.

Meanwhile, the mace tells Loungelot to become king, so Loungelot challenges King Allfire to a duel, since the Code of Chivalry states that whoever defeats the king will win his crown. Flicker suspects that the mace is behind Loungelot's unusual behavior, and runs across the drawbridge toward the mace's cave just as it flattens Evil Knight 3.

At the cave, Flicker reads the note that Loungelot threw on the ground, which says that the mace is cursed and wishes to become the greatest entertainer in the world. Flicker returns to the courtyard just as Allfire and Loungelot are about to duel, and tells everyone that Loungelot is under an evil singing curse. The Paisley Knight distracts Loungelot as part of Flicker's plan, and Flicker uses Cinder and Clinker's tickling machine (which they used to guarantee laughter from their audience) to tickle Loungelot, causing him to drop the mace, releasing him from its curse.

Evil Knight 2 takes the mace and falls under its curse as he takes it back to Castle Threadbare, and Evil Knights 1 and 3 fight him.