A Killer Makeover is the first part of the 14th episode and 1st episode of Season 2. It is preceded by Bleepin' Beauty and followed by The Age of Retention.


Count Geoffrey and his Evil Knights attack King Allfire and Queen Griddle, but are defeated when Allfire and Griddle breathe fire at them, and run off. Shortly after Allfire and Griddle fall off a bridge and think they're not cool anymore. Then Cinder and Clinker arrive and announce that the image consultant, Marta of the House of Stewart, can make them cool.

Just when Count Geoffrey has hit wimp bottom, the sinister Black Knight arrives at Castle Threadbare and gives him a makeover, training him to be more evil.

After Marta makes the dragon knights hand over their weapons (despite this being against the Code of Chivalry), and tells Flicker to dump them off a cliff, he and Princess Flame notice the Black Knight collecting them, and spy on Count Geoffrey's evil actions (flying for the first time since Episode 8 (Flicker) and Episode 5 (Flame)).

With Camelhot defenseless, Geoffrey and his Evil Knights attack Camelhot with their own weapons (which, according to King Allfire, must not be defaced due to the Code of Chivalry). Then Flame arrives in the Black Knight's armor and reveals that Marta is the Black Knight, and has been Merle the Wizard all along. Flicker dumps Loungelot's hair gel (the greasiest substance known to dragonkind) on Geoffrey, Merle, and the Evil Knights, sending them into the distance.

Changes from Season 1Edit

  • Count Geoffrey's makeover makes his skin tinted green, his eyes yellow, his hair black (instead of red), different armor and a cape, and a dragon skull for a helmet. He also acts darker and eviler than before.
  • Sir Galahot and Sir Hotbreath do not appear in Season 2.
  • Flicker and Loungelot have different armor. Also Merle's robe is dark blue.
  • Princess Flame's hair is blonde instead of purple. There is no explanation behind this as there is with Geoffrey.


  • This is the second time Princess Flame has been in someone else's armor and her tail has disappeared. (The first being in the second episode, A Gift for Griddle)
  • Marta of the House of Stewart is an obvious reference to Martha Stewart.